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Powered Up Productivity

What if you could have more time, more energy, and could eliminate time-wasting activities each day?


Picture this:

It’s an early Monday morning.

As the sun comes out, two people in two homes wake up to start their day. Both are ambitious, hardworking individuals.

As soon as they get up, all sorts of thoughts are racing through their minds – how to increase their earnings, whether to take that new opportunity, and the direction their work is headed.

One of them stands up and stretches, ready for what the day has to bring. She drinks coffee while reviewing some documents for a side project outside work.

After she gets to the office, she looks at her plans for the day. Before the computer gets to the login screen, she knows exactly what to do.

The other person climbs out of bed tiredly, realizing it’s almost time for work. After gathering his things, he rushes out the door to catch the bus.

He steps into the office and grabs breakfast from the kitchen. After setting down his coffee and taking a bite of his bagel, he wiggles his computer mouse. What next? Even though there’s a pile of work sitting on his desk, he feels directionless and doesn’t know how to get started.

These two people grew up in the same neighborhood. Both of them graduated in the same year. Both of them live in the same city. And both of them work at the same tech company.

But one of them is a mid-level employee at the company. And one of them is the CEO.


Why Some People Accomplish More Than Others


The problem isn’t that we’re lazy or lack ambition. Far from it. In fact, we know exactly what it is we want. But we just don’t know how to go about achieving those things.

For instance, do any of these phrases ring true?

“I know what I need to do, but I have a hard time actually doing it.”

“It feels like no matter what I do, I’m just spinning my wheels in one place.”

“There are so many things I need to do, and there aren’t enough hours to get around to everything.”

If so, you know what it’s like to trudge through each day, busy with all sorts of tasks, yet feel like you didn’t accomplish much at the end of the day.

In the story above, one person didn’t accomplish more than other due to an inherent trait. The other person wasn’t any less intelligent or hardworking. The difference came down to having the right mindset and strategies to get work done.

The good news is:

It’s possible to achieve what you want, while having spare time at the end of each day.

The truth is that making time for things is largely about the way you think and approach your tasks.

Think about the last time you wanted to achieve something. Maybe you wanted to start on a new diet, plan a trip abroad, or change careers. What kind of thoughts were going through your head? What were some of your biggest fears?

Maybe you began excited and full of energy as you imagined how it would all work out.

Eventually, though, your thoughts gave way to doubt and insecurity. Fear that things wouldn’t work out. Fear that you wouldn’t as good as you hoped. And you ended up thinking: “Why bother?”

To me, the most tragic thing is to never realize what was possible. Because things got shoved to the side, or life goals were replaced by mundane tasks.

And at the end, to look back and think to yourself, “If only I could have accomplished more.”

So, I’ve put together a course to help you get the most out of your time and wake up feeling energized and ready for the day.


Introducing Powered Up Productivity

The course for busy people who want to gain an extra hour a day.


In the course, you will learn how to:

Start taking action on your goals: Set up an environment that makes it easy to get started on important tasks, get rid of common mindsets that keep you from your goals, and track the progress you make over time.

Get the most out of your time: Identify what exactly you need to do today, what can be deferred, and how to eliminate stressful and unnecessary activities in order to create more energy and time for yourself.

Eliminate repetitive tasks: Create systems that get rid of annoying tasks that take up time, develop rituals to go through your day smoothly, and set up templates you can use over and over again.

Feel energized and ready to tackle the day: Wake up knowing what you need to do, get rid of energy slumps, and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Here’s a sample of some tools you’ll get when you join:


Here’s What You Can Expect When You Join Powered Up Productivity


The course is divided into 6 modules, which include video lessons, worksheets, and resources.

Module 1: Mastering Your Mindset

Are you unintentionally sabotaging yourself? You will discover how to become more productive with a simple change in mindset.

You’ll learn about core concepts behind productivity and how you can use them as a framework in your everyday life.


Module 2: Know Your Priorities

We’ll go over a process to find out what are your most important tasks, and how to make sure they get done first before other things get in the way.

You will learn how to cut through all the different things vying for your attention to do what matters by using the techniques presented in these lessons.


Module 3: Dealing With Distractions

You’ll discover how to create a clutter-free environment that keeps distractions at bay and deep focus on finishing work quickly.

Instead of being “on call” from other people and distractions, we cover how to take back control of your time and handle communications efficiently.

Module 4: Stop Procrastinating, Start Doing

You will discover how to stop being overwhelmed by a mountain of things that you need to do, and to use techniques that help you get started easily.

Is fear holding you back? Use this strategy I learned to turn fear on its head, accept change in life, and motivate you to accomplish things.


Module 5: Ritualize Your Mornings And Evenings

You will begin to create a morning ritual that gets you energized and ready for the day mentally, physically, and emotionally.

You’ll use what you learned to begin managing your diet and health, and set up evening activities that leave you well-rested and relaxed.

Module 6: Automate The Process

You will learn about the concept of willpower, how relying on it to carry you through the day isn’t the best approach, and what to do instead.

You’ll learn about programs, applications, and methods that automate your work, including a number of them that I use almost every day, and how they can allow you to direct your energy to things that matter more.


Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What do I get when I join the course?

After you join, you get immediate access to all course lessons. The course is around 4 hours total, but it’s broken down into bite-sized lessons for easy digestion. To help you absorb the course content, each lesson contains activities, worksheets, and resources to implement what you’ve learned into your everyday life.

2. How does this course apply to me?

Students in the course range from professionals working in busy, corporate positions to retirees wanting to cut down on monotonous tasks such as cooking and cleaning. If you wish you had more time to spend on your relationships, side projects, or hobbies, this course will help you. If you feel like a lot of your daily life is spent on communications, meaningless tasks, and chores, this course applies to you. If you’re open to changing up your life to achieve more, this course is for you.

3. What if I can’t keep up?

Take your time — you get lifetime access to the course. The lessons are available for you to learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever. Going on vacation or got swamped with work? No problem. The course will be here for you.


60-Day Moneyback Guarantee


Powered Up Productivity contains my best strategies for gaining extra time to do what I want while cutting away things that eat up hours each day. You can go though the entire course and see for yourself.

If for some reason you decide the course doesn’t work for you, let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your money. This guarantee is for 60 days so that you have time to go through the entire course and see if it’s right for you.


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What If You Had One Extra Hour Today?


How many times have you thought something along the lines of “If I only had more time…”?

If so, what would you do in that time? Learn a new language? Start your own business? Do something fun?

How often have you pictured yourself doing or learning something new and exciting?

Most people will read this, nod their heads, and say, “Yeah, that would be nice.” And then do nothing about it!

But, do you really want to be like most people?

You know that it’s not just about wishing something would happen. If that were the case, everyone could have whatever they wanted.

It’s about taking that small leap. Going ahead and doing something different that could change your life for the better.


“There’s always next year”


Someone once told me that if their application to a program wasn’t successful, it would only be a year until next time. It’s similar to when people say, “there’s always next year.”

I hate this.

Imagine waiting for something to happen in a year’s time.Feels like a long time, doesn’t it? And what if what you hoped for doesn’t work out? Do you wait another year?

Before you know it, one year turns into years.

A year has 365 days.

If you decide to master a skill and dedicate a portion of each day to making progress, how far do you think you could go by the time one year has passed?

Pretty far, right?

So then, why does it become so easy for us to squander our time?

TODAY is our chance to make the most of what we have. It doesn’t get easier than right now to do the things that we know are important.

Will you nod your head and do what you’ve always done, or will you decide that now is the time to finally work on your goals and stop putting them aside?


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The difference between what two individuals can accomplish in one day is insignificant. But imagine that same difference multiplied day after day, and then over the years. Over time, the gap widens until there is a chasm.

Some of us manage to fit in time for the most important things: family, health, career, and enjoyment. Others, however, struggle to stay afloat. They find themselves scrambling to get things done, watching hopelessly as others sail by.

What did it all come down to?

Knowing how to get more done with less effort. Because once you learn the strategies, you can use it every day.

Learn it once, use it forever.


Join now for 1 payment of $69